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Society of Yoga Therapy Physicians seeks to bring yoga therapy into clinics as part of regular healthcare. While most people think of yoga therapy as relevant for Preventive Health Maintenance, very few realize that Yoga Therapy can be used as a Therapeutic Intervention for Different Diseases and Disorders, especially chronic situations. It has great potential to reduce healthcare costs while increasing quality of life for patients.

The society is a membership based non-profit primarily driven by physicians who have awareness of yoga therapy and seek to bring it to healthcare practice.

Starting as a national group in the United States, it will seek to build local chapters in various areas of the United States where there are enough members, for the following types of activities:

  • Organization of lectures, seminars, workshops and such information dissemination activities on Yoga Therapy;
  • Creating in their own practice an environment for observation and internship for other interested physicians on Yoga Therapy, and where possible foster research.

Such activities may be approved for CME credits when possible and may also be part of the curriculum of students of medical schools and allied health sciences.

WIDER MEMBERSHIP - While driven by physicians, who are the core membership, to bring Yoga Therapy into Healthcare practice, associate membership may include scientists working on yoga therapy and also all healthcare practitioners who may be applying yoga therapy, whether nurse practitioners, physician assistant, yoga therapists or any other allied field.

CHARTER MEMBERSHIP – All those joining by March 31, 2014 will be recognized as Charter Members, and a New Board will be elected and announced on April 26, 2014.

BECOMING A MEMBER – Simply click here and fill out the form to complete registration. Upon completion of registration, you will receive an email to make your annual payment.

  • Physicians will be registered as Regular Members and will pay $100 per year.
  • Non-Physicians will be registered as Associate Members and will pay $80 per year.